Intelligent Key Management

At e-Track, we increase efficiency and reduce risk in organisations by designing and manufacturing top-quality electronic key management solutions at unbeatable prices.  

Industry-Leading Electronic Key Cabinets

Where security meets efficiency.

e-Track systems are meticulously designed with security as the top priority, providing a robust electronic key management system that enhances productivity and minimises risk. Engineered in the UK, e-Track solutions are versatile, adapting seamlessly to various environments. By choosing e-Track, you are investing in a cutting-edge electronic key management system that not only safeguards your critical keys but also streamlines operations, reduces costs and boosts efficiency.

Say goodbye to wasted operational time spent managing keys and welcome a future where security and productivity go hand-in-hand. Trust e-Track to revolutionise the way you handle key management; ensuring a seamless and secure experience for your business.

Industries We Supply

For any organisation looking to better protect their assets through sophisticated key management.

User-Friendly Software

Gain immediate control.

Authorised users can seamlessly search, review, and manage keys throughout the entire business. Create customised access permissions and groups tailored to specific operational requirements. A dynamic and adaptable solution for optimising key management processes within the organisation.

Electronic Key Management
Cardiff council

We have been extremely satisfied with the
e-Track key management system, it was easy to install and it's simple for our staff to use.”  

Cardiff Council, UK

Big Motoring World

“The e-Track cabinets and software allow us to achieve what was not previously possible by providing vehicle and key locations as well as security of crucial keys.

Big Motoring World, UK

Cummins Logo

“The e-Track system suits our needs perfectly. We are able to
track key movements and easily locate keys across the entire business.”  

Cummins, UK