Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality Key Management

Key management systems for hotels, resorts and hospitality environments can help control the hundreds or thousands of keys used regularly by staff, contractors and guests. These include the key sets used by housekeeping and maintenance, as well as master keys to guest rooms, keys to vehicles, cash boxes and others such items that need to be kept secured.  For hospitality teams managing their working day and its key complexities becomes simpler and faster with an electronic key system.

e-Track systems are becoming increasing popular as we evolve to meet the ever changing needs of guests.

eTrack Hotel and Hospitality
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Guest Experience:

Electronic key systems contribute to a positive guest experience whether it be valet parking or check in. Guests appreciate convenience being able to quickly access keys and so begin to enjoy their stay whether business or leisure.


Align with sustainability initiatives. Unlike traditional metal keys which are often lost or discarded and have to be replaced when guests check out access cards are less expensive to replace and can be integrated with personalised room settings such as lighting and temperature controls.

Operational Efficiency:

Streamline your operations by providing your team with key enhanced visibility. Our systems can be integrated with your property management software to improve efficiency and allow for remote activation and deactivation of room access cards if lost or misplaced.

Increased Security:

The safety and security of your guests is paramount. Our key management solution provides a robust security system allowing only authorised users to access keys. Assign user groups allows for further control of who can remove specific sets of keys and utilise our intuitive booking system to ensure keys are available on demand.