Transport Yard Systems

Increase efficiency and improve health & safety at the loading bay.

Deliver a smart, data driven solution with e-Track's unique Transport Yard Systems. e-Track's easy to install systems automate dock door operations and eliminate the risk of unsafe loading conditions and accidents.

Designed to ensure vehicle security and prevent key access until the loading process is complete, the e-Track Transport Yard Systems represent a remarkable advancement in loading dock technology, specifically designed to prevent dangerous pull-aways and protect the lives of workers at the loading bays. It acts as a safeguard, ensuring that the back of the trailer remains securely locked during loading and unloading operations until the process is complete and authorised for departure.

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Innovative Patented Technology

Patent electronic key cabinet

Why Choose e-Track’s Transport Yard System?

e-Track work with some of the world's largest fleet operators on automated transport yard safety solutions that drive efficiency and improve general site safety.

The unique e-Track Transport Yard Systems deliver an intelligent, integrated management solution that ensures safe and efficient loading at the bay doors. Our solutions can be further used to operate connected systems such as doors, curtains, levelers and locking systems autonomously.

A standout feature of the system is its ability to save over 10 minutes on each load. Furthermore, the Transport Yard System comes equipped with a user-friendly web portal that provides real-time transparency on loading times. This feature allows clients to monitor and analyse performance metrics, making it possible to identify bottlenecks and optimise workflows.

Benefits and Features

Traffic Light Icon

Traffic Light System

Simple traffic light system for ease of use. 

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Anti-Tamper Alarms

To improve safety and prevent drive-offs at the loading bay. 

ip33 rated icon blue

IP Rated

For suitable protection from rain or spraying water.

Night Light Icon

Night Lights

For safety and security during night time loading.

Reporting Icon

Automated Reporting

Reporting and analytics available via the e-Track software. 

Locking icon

Locking Key Slots

Locking key slots to prevent key
retrieval until loading is complete.  

integrated Controls

Integrated Controls

Fully integrated controls with
your own systems.

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Improved Efficiency

An average of 9 minutes saved on
every single load. 

Transport Yard Systems Software

Automated Safety Solution.

Our easy to use transport yard software application has a live dashboard view showing the status of all bays as the loads progress. Granular event data for all transactions are captured and complete load cycles automatically calculated to demonstrate site performance. This data has proven to reduce the start and end stages for docking and collection to under 60 seconds in comparison to 6-10 minutes in many cases varying by the size of the site and previous operational complexities involved.  

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What are Transport Yard Systems?

Transport Yard Systems are a unique solution engineered to eradicate the potential for hazardous loading scenarios and accidents at the loading bay. Our cutting-edge solution guarantees that loading activities do not commence until the vehicle is fully secured, and vehicles cannot be operated until the loading process is safely completed.

Our comprehensive Transport Yard Systems have several different components:

Electronic Key Storage Unit

This state-of-the-art electronic key box offers secure storage for vehicle keys during loading and unloading operations. Equipped with a sophisticated traffic-light system, access to keys is strictly regulated, ensuring authorisation only under specific conditions.

Door Dock Controller

Powered by a sophisticated traffic light system, our door dock controller enhances the efficiency and safety of all door dock operations. The system utilises a traffic light interface: a green light signals indoor personnel that it’s safe to open the door for loading, a red light signifies that loading is underway, and a central button is pressed once the dock door is lowered, signalling the keybox and external staff that the loading process is successfully completed.

Make the choice to enhance your loading bay with e-Track’s Transport Yard Systems, and witness a transformation in both safety and operational efficiency.

How does a Transport Yard System Work?

Loading and Unloading

Secure your vehicle or HGV to the loading dock, before depositing your vehicle keys into the electronic key box. In some cases, you may also be required to deposit a site safety key as well.

The controller inside the building will then signal that the vehicle is ready. The dock door controller will therefore release the doors, curtains or levellers in question, allowing you to begin loading or unloading safely.

Once loading is complete, a button on the controller will be pressed to let both site staff and the driver – if different from the loading team – know that the keys have been released from the key box. This will then allow the vehicle to leave the site safely.

Customer Benefits

Health & Safety

Save Time

With an average of 9 minutes saved on every single load, significantly increase operational efficiency.

Health & Safety

Improved Health & Safety

Protect your workforce at the loading bay and prevent unsafe pullaways during loading.

Health & Safety

Gain Visibility

Produce automated reports to help you monitor and keep track of all system activity.