Dock Door Controller

Automate dock door operations and improve safety and efficiency at the loading bay with our dock door controllers. Our intelligent controllers automate dock door operations from inside your warehouse, eliminating the risk of unsafe loading conditions and accidents. The intelligent logic program is designed to ensure a sequence of triggered events is followed before indicating internally when it is safe to load and externally when it is safe to undock. This data driven solution also has the capacity to be used as a data management system reporting on all door transactions to notify when loads go over time or if anything outside of standard process occurs.

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  • Simple traffic light system
  • Audible alarms
  • Improved load efficiency
  • Prevents drive offs
  • Automated reporting to e-Track web software
  • Simple traffic light systems and audible alarms

Product add-ons

Door Contacts
Electronic floor to door contacts connect to the e-Track Controller capturing the door opening and closing events.

E-Track Web Software Application
 Featuring a live dashboard view showing the status of all bays as the loads progress. Granular event data for all transactions are captured and complete load cycles are automatically calculated to demonstrate site performance.

Trailer Proximity Sensors
Can be added to capture when a vehicle is docked on a bay allowing the key box to be operated.

Shunter Tablets
Can be introduced to communicate the planned schedule of movements and reduce inaccurate docking.


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