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At e-Track, we increase efficiency and reduce risk in organisations by designing and manufacturing top-quality electronic key management solutions at unbeatable prices.  

Dedicated to being the world's most trusted manufacturer of intelligent key management solutions.

About e-Track

Industry Experts

Launched by leading industry experts with a combination of over 40 years experience, e-Track specialises in the design, development and manufacture of electronic key management systems to provide businesses with solutions for the safe storage and management of physical keys.

Innovation at the Core

From inception, we have prioritised innovation and leveraged patented technologies to drive transformation in the market and provide the very best solution to our clients.

Tailored Solutions

At e-Track, we pride ourselves on offering more than just products – we provide collaborative solutions. Our Sales and Technical teams work directly with clients to create the most effective solution tailored to them.

The Highest Standards

e-Track systems are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and are continually developed to ensure the latest technologies are being leveraged.

Significant Return on Investment

e-Track offers electronic key management solutions that yield a significant return on investment. We are committed to providing automated, software-driven processes to replace manual operations enabling your company to work smarter.

e-Track Electronic Key Management tracks and pegs in system

Market Leading Hardware

Sophisticated Software

Price Match Guarantee

Company Achievements and Goals

Through continuous development of hardware, firmware and software built in-house to utilise separate global patents, e-Track is well-positioned to scale significantly over the coming years with systems available to suit both indoor and outdoor environments.


Product Launch

New to market, product launch of the world's first calibrated electronic key cabinet.

First 100 Cabinets

A key milestone for e-Track with the first 100 electronic key cabinets deployed.

Trademark Protected

Registration and Trademark protected with numerous patents granted and pending.

ISO 9001:2015

BSI, UKAS audited our process management cementing quality control.

Insurance Approved

First UK manufactured, insurance approved, high secure system to market. 

We understand that any business has impact on the world around us, therefore good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the key to a brighter future. e-Track is committed to the development of sustainable practices because we believe that widespread change requires models to lead by example.

In order to effectively deliver our solution globally, we have partnered with a number of resellers, distributors and affiliates. Read more about our partners and opportunities to work together.

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