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Enhance your key management experience with our in-house developed intelligent and user-friendly web and touch software platforms. Attain immediate control over your keys as our sophisticated systems empower authorised users to seamlessly review, analyse, and manage user activity throughout your business. Tailor access permissions to operational needs with ease, improving on-the-ground efficiencies.

Experience the simplicity of our e-Track dashboard, offering a user-friendly interface that provides comprehensive visibility into key usage and access across your entire business. Take command of your security with our cutting-edge solutions, designed to optimise your key management processes effortlessly

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Electronic Key Management


Responsive Search

Live filtering of key data and a new responsive search function allowing you to find crucial keys quickly and easily.

Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting function generates analytical data based on all key movements across your business.

Quick Action Buttons

Assign, clean and find keys easily across your organisation with our quick action buttons, accessible via the dashboard.

Dashboard Site Filtering

Filter your dashboard to show specific site data. Assigned users will have their site as default and be able to navigate between multiple site views.

Add User Groups

Give users access to the desired keys with the ability to add users groups.

Register your eFobs

Register your eFobs and connecting keys via the e-Track software with our easy to use eFob readers.

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Increase Security

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Improve Efficiency

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Deliver Accountability

Full visibility of ALL key activity, detailed reporting & analytics

Reduce Expenditure

 Reduced loading times_

Remove Wasted Time

Transport Yard Systems Software

e-Track’s patented transport yard systems deliver an intelligent integrated management solution that ensures safe and efficient loading at the bay doors.

The easy to use transport yard software application has a live dashboard view showing the status of all bays as the loads progress. Granular event data for all transactions are captured and complete load cycles are automatically calculated to demonstrate site performance. This data has proven to reduce the start and end stages for docking and collection to under 60 seconds in comparison to 6-10 minutes in many cases, depending on the size of the site and previous operational complexities involved.  


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