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Save time with e-Track's sophisticated Electronic Key Management Systems

e-Track's robust electronic key management systems are expertly engineered in the UK and designed to suit any environment whether industrial, clinical or office-based. e-Track's intelligent solutions can help your business reduce costs and increase efficiency by ensuring no operational time is wasted managing critical keys.

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Why Choose e-Track’s Key Management Products?

Through continuous in-house development of both hardware and software, e-Tracks systems have been designed and developed to help sector leading businesses improve productivity and reduce risk. e-Track electronic key management systems give organisations control over crucial keys and provide transparency of key movements, giving staff members the useable data they require to get their jobs done effectively.

The e-Track range of systems cover all key holding scenarios, ensuring we have the right product to match your specific key management project. All e-Track electronic key cabinets come with a 36 month warranty.

Benefits and Features

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Ease of use icon

Ease of Use

Our electronic key cabinets offer a simple solution to managing keys.
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Flexible Integration

Flexible API for third party integration with any system.

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Plug and Play

Our intelligent key cabinets can be used immediately after install.

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Battery Backup

Featuring battery backup for fail-safe key management. 

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eFob Readers

Register your cabinet keys from your PC with our eFob readers.

Full visibility of ALL key activity, detailed reporting & analytics

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts and analytics to your desktop or tablet.

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Linked Cabinets

Create a network of linked cabinets across sites and departments.

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Offset Keys

Offset key positions for maximum hanging space of key bunches.

What is an e-Track Electronic Key Management System?

Electronic Key Management System

An e-Track electronic key management system is an intelligent solution designed to enhance key control, security and tracking across a variety of environments by streamlining key access and accountability.


At its core, an e-Track electronic key management system employs state-of-the-art technology, such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), secure software interfaces, and cloud-based hosting options to facilitate the organisation, monitoring and tracking of keys. These systems are expertly engineered in the UK and include e-Track’s core electronic key cabinets, high secure units and the e-Track mini range.

How does an Electronic Key Cabinet Work?

Access Method

Operating from a single main controller, users are identified when using a card, fingerprint reader or pin pad to access the  electronic key cabinet system. When the key system is accessed and a user removes a fob with an attached key the transaction is logged. Admin users can then view all key activity via the e-Track web software dashboard.

User Permissions

Access permission can also control who can and cannot access your electronic key system and determine different access levels for different individuals. With e-Track systems, you can even control access remotely, controlling your keys from multiple locations.

What is a Static and Dynamic e-Track Electronic Key System?

Static System

For industries with a low-key turnover or those requiring easy key location, static systems offer an adaptable solution. Keys are registered into a static system at a specific slot – this becomes the key’s designated slot, and the key must always be returned to this location. The user is supported by the cabinet, which illuminates an LED at the key’s correct return slot and provides you with the slot number on screen.

Dynamic System

For fast-paced industries with a rapid key turnover, speed is of the essence. e-Track offers a dynamic setup for our Key Management Systems. The dynamic setup allows keys to be returned to any available slot within the cabinet network, for quick key return. Locating a key is supported by the cabinet, which illuminates the LED of the key’s slot and displays the slot number on screen once your required key is selected.


At the heart of every e-Track key management system lies the pivotal e-Fob. Our e-Fobs incorporate distinctive RFID chips, which are used to uniquely identify attached key/s in our key management systems.

These unique identifiers could include a key name, vehicle registration, time stamp or other essential details. Each time an eFob is inserted or removed from a system, the transaction is recorded and combined with the active user profile to create a visual key journey. Available in a variety of colours including red, white, and black, these e-Fobs also present the option for personalised engraving, ensuring a tailored touch to suit your needs.

Black RFiD e-Fobs standard and re-usable with clip hook

Cloud Hosting

Opting for our cloud hosting solution for your electronic key management system not only guarantees security, but is also aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is meticulously designed to provide a secure environment for your valuable information.

To ensure the highest level of safeguarding, our cloud infrastructure undergoes regular pen testing to identify and rectify any potential vulnerabilities so that your software and transactional data remains protected from potential threats. The robust infrastructure also means your critical data and software are seamlessly accessible at all times allowing you to manage your key systems efficiently, regardless of location or time zone.

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