High Secure Electronic Key Cabinet Range

High Secure Key Cabinets 100-200+ Keys

The ultimate in high secure electronic key management, the e-Track high secure range is the only insurance-approved option on the UK market.

Featuring reinforced multi-point locking bars, 7-lever key access, a 3mm steel carcass, and 6mm doors, these cabinets ensure top-notch security. Ideal for car dealerships and vulnerable business points, e-Track's high secure key cabinets offer additional peace of mind and a potential for reduced insurance premiums.

High Secure Electronic Key Cabinet - Angled View
High Secure Electronic Key Cabinet - Front View

Introducing our High-Secure Electronic Key Management Systems

Elevate your key management to the highest level of security with our exclusive range of high-secure, insurance approved electronic key systems.  Our cutting-edge solution is the only high secure approved system in the UK market.  They are meticulously designed to provide un-paralleled protection for your valuable keys, offering peace of mind and reducing insurance risk for your business.

Incorporating reinforced multi point locking bars to ensure maximum protection against unauthorised access.  With seven lever key access, our systems provide an added layer of security to safeguard keys from theft or misuse. Built with a 3 mm steel carcass and 6mm doors our systems are designed to withstand tampering and forced entry offering the highest level of physical security.

With lockable tracks, multi-factor authentication, beacon warning systems and auditory alerts our high secure system removes all vulnerability with your key storage.  By securing keys in the most diligent manner, you can enjoy peace of mind that your valuable assets are always well protected.  Additionally implementing our systems can lead to reduced insurance premiums as insurers recognise the proactive measures taken to safeguard your property.

In an era where security breaches can have severe consequences, the electronic e-Track High Secure Key Cabinet stands out for businesses looking to safeguard their assets and sensitive information. Its robust construction, coupled with advanced security features makes it a reliable choice for various industries, including police forces, hospitals, prisons, data storage facilities, luxury car dealerships and government institutions.

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