Mini Electronic Key Cabinet Range

Mini Key Cabinets 10-30 Keys

Introducing the e-Track Mini Key Cabinet, a tailored entry-level solution designed for smaller teams seeking enhanced key compliance and accountability. The sleek design is particularly well-suited for clinical or limited wall space settings, providing a practical solution without compromising functionality. The Mini Key Cabinet is available in three sizes, accommodating key sets of 10, 20, and 30, catering to various operational needs.

These intelligent electronic key cabinets feature the same level of comprehensive cloud-hosted web control, aligning with the functionality of larger ranges. The e-Fob layout is optimised for small to large bunches of keys maintaining efficiency found in larger e-Track systems. The internal depth of 60mm ensures ample space from the face panel to the inside of the closed door.

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Product Range

e-Track Mini Range for Electronic Key Management

Introducing the Mini range key cabinets – the perfect solution for smaller team operations seeking enhanced security and accountability for their business-critical keys. Our mini range is designed to provide an entry-level option that does not compromise on functionality, making it an ideal choice for businesses to protect a small number of vital keys.

To further enhance your system, consider optional features such as a proximity card or a biometric fingerprint reader. These additions complement the standard stainless steel rugged keypad, tested and guaranteed for over 1 million uses, ensuring the durability and longevity of your system.

Elevate your security standards with the e-Track Mini Key Cabinet range, a reliable and efficient solution for businesses prioritising key management.

Sleek Design

Designed with sleek aesthetics and functionality our mini range are specifically tailored for offices and workshops where space is at a premium.  

10, 20, 30 Keys

Available in three different sizes to accommodate 10, 20 or 30 key sets, these intelligent mini solutions offer the same comprehensive software packages and secure level of cloud hosted web control as our larger ranges.  This ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from the same high level of security and management features.


This system is ideal for letting agents, air bnb hosts and short-term letting, construction sites, valet parking, small vehicle fleets and offices.  With versatile design and advanced features these cabinets are the perfect edition to any business seeking to elevate their current key management processes and provide streamlined key access for your customers, teams, or guests.


The mini range features a space efficient design, providing an internal depth of 60mm from the face panel to the inside of the closed door. This compact yet efficient layout allows for the storage of reasonably sized key bunches, enabling users to organise and access their keys with ease.


To further enhance security and access control, our mini range is customizable with additional features such as proximity card or biometric fingerprint readers.  In addition, each cabinet comes equipped with a standard stainless steel rugged keypad, rigorously tested, and guaranteed for over 1 million uses. This ensures your key management system remains robust and reliable over the long term.


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