Aston Martin

Introducing e-Track’s intelligent key management systems has been effective in helping the Metropolitan Police to streamline their key management whilst ensuring security and traceability of their luxury vehicles.

Aston Martin, a renowned luxury car manufacturer has a world class factory located in Wales where the production of their hand made iconic sports cars are produced.  With a substantial number of vehicle keys to manage through production Aston martin chose e-Track as their partner to install a solution that could store and track keys in branded pouches due to the nature and design of the vehicle key.

Client Challenges.

Aside from common reasons clients come to us to enhance their key security such as security concerns, inefficient processes and lack of accountability Aston Martin had a further obstacle to overcome. The design of the Aston Martin key does not allow for the tradition method of connecting keys to fobs for storage.

Our Solution

E-Track proposed an e100 cabinet fitted with spacers to allow for the larger keys to be stored and accessed easily.  The tamper proof cabinet equipped with locking mechanisms meant that up to 50 keys could be secured through the production process.

Further to this e-Track designed individual branded pouches that the vehicle keys could be stored in as a set and then connected to an e-fob within the electronic cabinets.  This allowed for vehicle identification from the cabinet and software systems.

Our solution ensured that every key was meticulously organised and easy to access saving valuable time in production and allowing for real time tracking for swift key retrieval..


Our installation process was carried out by e-Track trained technicians minimising any disruption in the factory.  We understand the high standards of Aston Martin and our system, and its features seamlessly complements their incredible facility.

The process was easy to set up. The system has not let us down over the last year and a half. Aftersales are easy to contact and are polite and efficient. We would happily recommend e-Track systems from experience with our set up here.

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