Big Motoring World

Big Motoring World

We are actively working alongside one of our key clients, Big Motoring World, to create a solution that is unique to the market and the ideal Electronic Key Management System for the Automotive Industry. With a focus on speed and deployment, e-Track’s innovative system provides full control of vehicles at every contact point throughout the key journey from delivery of the vehicle right through to the point of sale.

Big Motoring World is the third largest independent car dealer in the UK with 7 sites across the country and ambitious plans for growth in the coming years. Their recent investment from Fresh Stream has enabled them to accelerate their growth strategy to meet the growing needs of their clients. However, their vast and ever-growing inventory of vehicles and thousands of keys across multiple sites meant managing keys and tracking vehicles had become a major challenge. The group recognises the significant value in investing in advanced technologies and are working alongside e-Track to develop a market-leading key management solution. 

The dealership purchased their first electronic key cabinet from e-Track in January 2023, replacing their previous systems supplied by an international manufacturer. They experienced limitations such as a lack of speed, lack of development and rising costs; making the systems extremely difficult to maintain and resulting in inefficiencies and lost sales. e-Track have been working with Big Motoring World to replace these systems with a phased roll-out across all new and existing Big Motoring World sites. With installs running throughout June and July, e -Track are developing the product before, during and after install by working closely with the Big Motoring World team to create a seamless key management system for the automotive industry.  

Prep Centre Big Motoring World

Prep centre

Blue Bell Hill Site big motoring world

Blue Bell Hill site

Peterborough Site

Peterborough site

Some of the key features of the solution include tracking vehicles and keys throughout their journey, live on-screen support from e-Track's in-house development team, email alerts and notifications, and dynamic key access. e-Track’s flexible third-party API has also been integrated with Big Motoring World’s internal software (Gemini) to show the live locations of vehicles, not only to staff members but also to customers via the Big Motoring World website; allowing Big Motoring World to continue to provide market-leading customer service.   

Finding and helping to create the best key management solution has been vital for Big Motoring World to effectively execute their impressive growth plans. The partnership has proven to be extremely successful and is allowing the dealership to have better management of their vast inventory of cars, whilst ensuring security and traceability. The e-Track solution has increased productivity, operational efficiency and improved customer service.  

We look forward to continuing our partnership and servicing the needs of the ever-growing dealership.  

Vehicle tracking

Vehicle Location Tracking

DMS Integration

DMS Integration

On screen support

On Screen Support

Dynamic key management

Dynamic Key Management