Construction Key Management

Construction sites require a high level of security to control access and ensure safety. Our secure electronic key cabinets can help you automate key access across whole sites whilst complying with health and safety regulations.

Our intelligent e-track web software can integrate with site access control and access permissions can be customised at a group or user level, allowing for easy key assignment. Our analytical reporting feature highlights areas where processes can be improved reducing costs and driving efficiencies. Schedule access to specific areas or apartments with our key booking system, improving efficiency, and reducing downtime.


London Financial District

Full visibility of all key activity


Reduce damage, loss and risk

On screen support

Improved Accountability

Dynamic key management

Integration with site access control

Enhanced Security:

Multiple access points make construction sites an easy target for plant, fuel and material thefts. Safeguard your assets easily by implementing a system to challenge security risks.

Multi-Site Management:

Managing keys and equipment across multiple sites can be challenging. The e-Track key management system allows administrators to monitor and control multiple sites from a centralised location.

Health and Safety:

Implement a system whereby only authorised operators can release specific plant machinery.  Site Managers can control user access rights and through our intelligent book system assign specific plant to allocated drivers dependent on their current driving qualifications.  Access permissions can be based a range of categories such as roles, time schedules and individual requirements.

Improved Productivity:

Employees and subcontractors with permissions can quickly and easily access the keys they need eliminating time wasted searching for lost or misplaced keys.