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e-Track Unveils Cummins Key Management System Success

Intelligent key management systems enhancing safety and efficiency

At e-Track, we recognise the critical role of key management systems in ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial operations. Cummins Inc., a prominent global industrial power system manufacturer, operates multiple sites across the UK, where the implementation of LOTO (Lock Out, Tag Out) procedures is paramount for employee safety during maintenance and repair activities. To address the challenges associated with manual LOTO key management, Cummins Inc. sought an advanced solution. Collaborating with e-Track, a trusted supplier specialising in cutting-edge key management systems meant that this partnership would enhance security and efficiency.

The seamless integration of e-Track key management systems reflects our commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions that align with industry standards. Explore how e-Track can elevate your safety practices and operational efficiency with our advanced key management systems.

Customization and Integration
The e-Track system was tailored to Cummins Inc.'s specific needs, integrating with their access control infrastructure, and ensuring seamless compatibility with existing security protocols. 

Pilot Implementation
A pilot program was initiated at one site to test the system's functionality, user experience, and identify any necessary adjustments or enhancements. 

Rollout and Training
Following a successful pilot phase, the e-Track system was progressively implemented across multiple sites. Extensive training sessions were conducted to familiarize employees with the system's features and best practices.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance
The approved supplier provided ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring the smooth operation of the e-Track Key Management Systems and addressing any technical issues that arose.

Since implementing the e-Track key management systems Cummins have:

Enhanced safety: Reducing the risk of unauthorized access to LOTO keys, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
Improved efficiency: Streamlining key management processes to minimise downtime and improve operational efficiency.
Enabled centralized control: The systems have facilitated centralised tracking and control of LOTO keys across multiple sites.
Ensured auditability: Maintaining a comprehensive audit trail to track key usage and access history for accountability and compliance.|
Reporting and analytics: Cummins Inc. can generate comprehensive reports via the e-Track software, enabling better decision-making, identifying bottlenecks.

Cummins Inc.'s collaboration with an approved supplier to implement the intelligent e-Track Key Management Systems successfully addressed their key management challenges. By enhancing safety, improving efficiency, and enabling centralized control and auditability, Cummins Inc. demonstrated its commitment to employee well-being and operational excellence. The adoption of e-Track systems serves as a best practice example for other organisations seeking to optimise their key management processes across multiple sites. 


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