Estates & Facilities Key Management

Control access to specific areas with our electronic key cabinets improving efficiency and operations. We can help you automate key access across whole sites and store keys in designated areas whilst complying with health and safety regulations.

Our e-Track Web software recognises key movements across your estate and ensures traceability via the live dashboard tracking all key in and key out data.

Manage from a PC or smartphone allowing you to track and assign keys from any location. Whether you have a high or low volume of keys to track, our flexible range of key cabinets can offer you a solution.

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Efficient Operations:

Organised key management can streamline your operations eliminating the need for manual key tracing and reduces delays in accessing areas or equipment.

Cost Savings:

Minimise the risk of security breaches and the associated financial implications associated with theft, damage or unauthorised access.

Access Control:

By assigning specific user groups or individual access rights you can ensure only authorised personnel enter certain locations such as data centres and storage rooms.

Regulatory Compliance:

Meet specific regulatory requirements regarding access control and key management by allowing us to help you to implement and effective system and meet those obligations ensuring the necessary controls are in place and documented.

Emergency Response:

In emergency situations quick access to keys or specific areas of an organisation can be critical.  Our systems will allow a key to be located within seconds so emergency responders and authorised personnel can swiftly access them.

Accountability and Audit Trails:

Access a clear record at any point in the day of who has access to specific keys, for what purpose and when they were used.