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Using e-Track’s electronic key systems to create the ideal automotive key management solution.

Stansted BMW is known for its premium vehicles and exceptional customer service. With a large stock of luxury cars, maintaining the security of the keys to these vehicles is of utmost importance.

As part of their commitment to enhancing security protocols, the dealership sought to install four dynamic key cabinets to streamline key management and ensure the safety of their valuable assets.  While also providing higher levels of customer satisfaction and more efficient sales and service team members.

The discovery was easy given the reports of benefits to our sister retailers.  I found the quoting stage, straightforward and flexible.  The installation was seamless and any time we have contacted Keytracker (e-Track partner) post sale they have been amazing. This system gives full peace of mind over key security with complete transparency of a car key at any moment. For my site, we need 4 cabinets across 4 buildings and it has worked so well”

Stansted BMW faced the challenge of finding a suitable solution to efficiently store and manage the keys for their stock and service customer vehicles. Additionally, the dealership required a solution that could be seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure without disrupting daily operations. The primary goal was to have a solution that was linked at multiple locations.

After conducting thorough research and consulting with e-Track experts, Stansted BMW decided to implement our dynamic key management system. The dealership partnered with us to install five dynamic key cabinets strategically placed throughout multiple locations. These dynamic key cabinets were equipped with advanced features including biometric access control, real-time monitoring, and audit trails to track key usage.

The installation process involved careful planning and coordination to ensure minimal disruption to the dealership's operations. The dynamic key cabinets were strategically positioned in key areas of the facility. Each cabinet was configured to accommodate a specific subset of vehicle keys, allowing for convenient access while maintaining strict security protocols.

The implementation of dynamic key cabinets at Stansted BMW resulted in significant improvements to the dealership's security and operational efficiency. The advanced features of the cabinets, such as real-time monitoring and audit trails, provided management with greater visibility and control over key access. This not only enhanced security but also streamlined key management processes, reducing the risk of misplaced or mishandled keys.

Furthermore, the dynamic key cabinets facilitated a seamless transition to a more organised and systematic approach to key management. Employees at the dealership reported increased ease of access to keys, leading to improved productivity and customer service. The integration of biometric access control also added an additional layer of security, ensuring that only authorised personnel could retrieve keys from the cabinets.

By integrating dynamic key cabinets into their operations, Stansted BMW successfully optimised their key management processes while bolstering the security of their valuable vehicle inventory. The dealership's proactive approach to enhancing security not only demonstrated their commitment to safeguarding assets but also showcased their dedication to providing a superior customer experience. The implementation of dynamic key cabinets serves as a testament to Stansted BMW's ongoing efforts to embrace innovative solutions and elevate their operational standards.


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