Metropolitan Police

Introducing e-Track’s intelligent key management systems has been effective in helping the Metropolitan Police to streamline their key management whilst ensuring security and traceability of their high volume of fleet vehicles.

The Metropolitan Police are the UK’s largest police force with over 43,000 officers and staff and over 5000 fleet vehicles. Their recent multi-million pound investment into three new London-based dedicated service facilities covers the maintenance and repair of all of their fleet vehicles, including emergency response, support and general purpose vehicles. The Metropolitan Police Service were looking to improve fleet efficiency and key handling processes. To achieve this, MPS implemented the e-Track intelligent electronic key management systems at their Paragon workshop in Belvedere, London, and expanded its usage across multiple areas in their network.

With the brand-new Met Police service facility focusing on modern equipment and technology and the need to improve fleet efficiency and key handling processes, e-Track’s innovative and intelligent key management systems were the ideal fit for them. With such a high volume of fleet vehicles passing through the Met Police service facility daily, the e-Track systems support multiple teams to manage operations by seamlessly tracking key movements so that vehicles can be quickly located during the maintenance and repair process. The e-Track systems help the Met Police improve the circulation of vehicles, minimise downtime and streamline their workshop processes by tracking vehicles, highlighting key inactivity and providing important data captures via the e-Track software.

The advanced capabilities of the e-Track software and electronic key cabinets assist the Met Police to:

  1. Pre-book keys for allotted time periods and reserve vehicle access ahead of time.
  2. Access real time operations data via the intelligent software dashboard to drive efficiency.
  3. Highlight areas of user and key inactivity or overlapping requests via the e-Track software analytics.
  4. Ensure safe vehicle use with mileage and fit for purpose data capture.

The Metropolitan Police Service's adoption of the e-Track intelligent key system at their Paragon workshop in Belvedere, London, has significantly improved key management, enhanced fleet efficiency, and ensured compliance. The system's features, such as key tracking, optimized workflows, and security measures, have contributed to better resource allocation, reduced vehicle downtime, and improved operational effectiveness. MPS can now leverage this success to further enhance its fleet management capabilities. 

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