Save Time with Sophisticated Key Management Systems

e-Track's cutting-edge electronic key management systems offer a secure and efficient way to control, track, and manage access to physical keys and assets. With a range of solutions expertly engineered in the UK, e-Track is changing the game saving time and resources for businesses across various sectors.

Improving Safety and Efficiency

The versatility of e-Track's electronic key management systems is unmatched, catering to diverse environments from industrial settings to clinical facilities and office spaces.

Our intelligent solutions are designed to optimise efficiency and reduce costs, ensuring operational time isn't wasted on the manual management of keys.

e-Track's comprehensive range of systems accommodates projects of all sizes, with options spanning from 20 keys to 3000 keys. The assurance of these systems lies in their ability to seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface.

Streamlining Operations with Intelligent Features

At the core of e-Track's electronic key management systems are intelligent features designed to revolutionise traditional key management methods:

Secure Cabinet Infrastructure: A secure, electronic key cabinet houses the physical keys, each tagged with a unique identifier.

User Authentication: Authorised personnel authenticate themselves using various methods, including PIN codes, access cards, or fingerprint scanners guaranteeing the right individuals gain access.

Tailored Access Control: The system grants access to specific keys based on pre-assigned permissions, ensuring that different users have varying levels of access according to their roles.

Detailed Tracking: An extensive log of key transactions is maintained, detailing who accessed which key, when it was taken, and when it was returned enhancing security measures.

Real-time Notifications: Instant email or SMS notifications alert designated personnel of key-related events, such as overdue returns or unauthorised access attempts.

Seamless Integration: The system seamlessly integrates with other management systems, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

From healthcare facilities to automotive dealerships, e-Track's electronic key management systems are making their mark where controlled access is needed. Through in-house development of both hardware and software, e-Track is equipping sector-leading businesses with the tools they need to enhance productivity and minimise risk. Elevate your business operations with e-Track's range of systems - each backed by a 36-month warranty.

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