Automotive Key Management

Instant access to vehicle keys is critical for the success of any dealership. Deliver a faster and more professional service with our intelligent key management systems. Our electronic key cabinets can give you complete key transparency and traceability, increasing operational efficiency and in turn profitability.

Implement a network of linked key cabinets to give control over access to a large fleet of vehicles across multiple dealerships.  Authorised drivers can remove a key from any site, and replace the key at their destination. Our e-Track web software will recognise key movements, ensure traceability and pinpoint vehicle locations.

Whether you’re a large car dealership or an independent with just a few cars, our e-Track electronic key cabinet range and intelligent web software can help.

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Benefits of e-track Key Management System for Dealerships

Deliver Quality Products

Pinpoint Vehicle Location


Reduced Client Wait Times

Drive Market Transformation

Ensure Traceability


Plug and Play

On screen support

Easy to Use Software

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High Security Options

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Link Cabinets Across Sites

Dynamic key management

Dynamic Key Management

Enhanced Customer Experience: 

Quickly locate and retrieve keys for smoother test drives and vehicle handovers. Sales executives can utilise the booking software to ensure a vehicle is ready for a pre booked test drive.

Control and Reporting:

Managers can access and review real time reports on key usage patterns and can implement checks if keys have not been returned within a certain time period or at the end of a day.

Improved Productivity:

Searching for keys in a traditional system can be time consuming and frustrating.  Our solution will provide quick and easy access to keys.  Authorised personnel can locate and retrieve keys within seconds.


Link us with your dealership systems to encompass a seamless solution for stock management, audits, or additional security controls.

Reduced Key Loss Expenses:

The cost of replacing keys is now higher than ever and a common occurrence leading to delays and inconvenience.  While attached to our e-fob a key cannot be separated from the blade. Our systems will allow you to overcome these challenging expenses ensuring your team return keys to their designated slots after use.