Secure Facilities Key Management

We understand that key management is a vital aspect within a secure facility. Our Intelligent and robust key management systems provide total security, ensuring safety onsite whilst improving operational efficiencies. Our high security key cabinets feature multi-factor access control and high security locks to ensure safety in your facility is never compromised.

Our additional features such as egress alarms and incorrect key placement notifications can allow peace of mind in high secure facilities where traceability of keys is crucial.

Secure facilities Key Management
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Egress alarms

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Incorrect key placement notifications

Improve Workplace H&S

Bank staff access


Flexible API for third party integration

Tighter Security Controls:

Our High secure systems can provide higher levels of security compared to traditional methods.  Combining multi-point locking system, internal hinges, and a tamper proof security rating for peace of mind when managing keys.

Scalability and Flexibility:

We are flexible with the changing needs of your facility.  Whether it's adding or removing users, reconfiguring access permissions, or integrating with other security systems.  

Access Control:

Authorised personnel can be assigned multi factor unique access credentials with restrictions based on time, date and job role preventing unauthorised access.