e50 Core

Maximum capacity 50 keys/key bunches

Our e50 all-in-one electronic key cabinet system is designed for those looking to control up to 50 keys or key bunches. The range features stylish anthracite grey enclosures, a minimalistic design and robust storage for total security. All of our electronic key cabinets are expertly engineered in the UK and designed to fit within specific site requirements. All systems are complimented by an innovative web software for the complete audit and analysis of key movements across your organisation.

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  • Robust and durable
  • Minimal self-diagnosis to save time
  • Battery backup for fail-safe key management
  • Offset key positions for maximum hanging space
  • Magnetic locks with sensory state detection
  • Dynamic key management across multiple sites
  • Flexible API for 3rd party software integration
  • Easy maintenance and service

Product add-ons

Door Type
Choose from a solid steel door for maximum security or a polycarbonate door with viewing window so that all your keys are visible.

Key Tracks
Choose from locking tracks which limits key access and only allows for the removal of permitted keys or non-locking tracks which allow any keys to be retrieved once the cabinet is unlocked by an authorised user.

Key Positioning
Need maximum organisation? Static systems require a key to be returned to a single allocated slot. For a faster key handling process where keys move between locations, choose a dynamic system to allow keys to be returned to any available slot within any e-Track cabinet throughout your network.

Controller Interface
In addition to default PIN access, e-Track controllers can be configured with different front panels to meet your preferred design. Choose the 5” screen with mechanical keypad or a more modern interface with the 10” touchscreen. Controllers can also be positioned to the left or right of the connected cabinet dependant on your needs.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Secure the login process and ensure lost cards or disclosed PINs do not become a risk. Choose between any number of access methods including RFiD, Facial Recognition or fingerprint biometrics.

Cloud Hosting
Our cloud hosting option provides security, is GPDR compliant, regularly pen tested and built on a resilient infrastructure ensuring your software and transaction data is secure and always accessible.

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