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Fleet Key Management

Keep your fleet road worthy and accounted for with our intelligent electronic key cabinets, giving you greater control over your fleet vehicles and improving productivity.

Our intelligent e-Track Web software records all key movements ensuring traceability and improving on the ground efficiencies by saving time that could be lost with outdated and poorly managed key systems.

Our electronic key cabinets are the ideal fit for fleet vehicles providing a secure and reliable solution. Authorised users can  control vehicle services and MOT’s remotely, locking off specific keys when maintenance of the vehicle is due. Our advanced fleet module can also record vehicle defects, fuel and mileage.

e-Track Electronic Key Management - Fleet Key Management
DMS Integration

Mileage & defect capture

Vehicle tracking

Parking locations

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MOT and servicing notifications


Custom Analytics

On screen support

Improve productivity

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Ensure traceability

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Enhanced security


Save valuable time

Improved Operations:

Managing a large fleet of vehicles can be time consuming.  We can provide the tools for your fleet management teams to assign specific timed access rights for driver distribution and vehicle tracking.  This ensures only certain employees can access particular vehicles freeing resource while providing a clear audit trail.

Software Integration:

Streamline operations further through software integration with your management software providing a comprehensive solution and seamless data exchange.

Real Time Monitoring and Reporting:

Fleet managers can gain from improved visibility and peace of mind. Management can access real time and review historic reporting to view key usage and activity allowing for informed decisions on vehicle utilisation, mileage and servicing to optimise operations.